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26 November 2033 @ 05:21 pm
Master Fic List  
Want to read stuff I wrote? Aw, that's sweet of you!

This list will soon be in bad need of updating. You can find more fics by clicking on the "fic" tag in my sidebar or at the end of this post or using my "wowbright writes fic" tag on Tumblr.

Thanks to gingerandfair for making this masterlist possible. I don’t update immediately after each fic, so you can always check my fic tags: wowbright writes fic and wowbrightwrites.



Fidelity (NC-17):That first time they go to Scandals, about the only thing that doesn’t end up in disaster for Blaine is when he asks Dave Karofsky to tutor him in math. An unlikely friendship forms among Dave, Blaine and Kurt. AU from 3.05, but with many canon elements through the end of season 3.

Apeilon and Hyacinth (PG-13 so far):Spinoff of anxioussquirrel’s Husbandly Duties. Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of. David Karofsky knows that. But how is he supposed to find a husband when he doesn’t trust men? Set in a dystopian society that ostensibly accepts homosexuality, but requires gay people who are not married to same-sex partners by age 18 get married off by the state in order to discourage an “inherent inclination” toward an “unhealthy, sexually promiscuous lifestyle.”

Jonathan Unruh (PG-13 so far): A Glee WIP about a gay guy from the Mennonite group that competed against the New Directions at the 2012 Sectionals. In which Lima is some people’s Hell and other people’s Salvation. Told in annoyingly short segments as I have time. Spoilers through the first five minutes of “Swan Song”/4.09.


The Lonely Prince (PG):fairytale!Klaine. luckyjak asked forBurt Hummel the blacksmith has three sons (Finn, Sam, and Kurt) that the King hires and moves them into the palace to work on something, and the King’s son Blaine likes to stop by and say hi (slash oogle) to them because yay sweaty, dirty boys?” With nods to canon through Season 3. ~3,050 words.

To Be Myself (PG): What Kurt’s life might have looked like had all the characters been born 26 years earlier than their canon birthdays. Or, coming out in the early years of the AIDS epidemic. Hints to canon through end of S2, and many references to the Barbra Streisand movie “Yentl.” ~4,000 words



In order of episode, not order of quality. (I also threw in some that aren’t reactions, but fit neatly into the canon timeline.)

Falling Is Like This (PG-13): The fact the he enjoyed kissing Rachel at the party is confusing for Blaine. But what’s more confusing is Kurt. (17,000 word reaction fic to 2.14, Blame It On the Alcohol.) Also on AO3.

Ready for Real (PG-13): 2.15 “Sexy” reaction written way after the fact. Blaine may be a virgin, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate the symbolism of a well-placed bubble cannon.

First Kisses: Drabble about 2.16, Original Song.

Never Knew I Could Feel Like This (R): Pre-season 3. Before he started dating Blaine, Kurt had no interest in the graphic details of sex. Now, they’re all he can think about. So he sits down with his dad to discuss the meaning of the word “inappropriate.”

When I Think About You (PG-13): Thinking about your boyfriend while masturbating is sexy, but telling him about it is sexier. Pure, unadulterated fluff. (3.05 “The First Time” reaction fic.)

How Strange the Change (NC-17): Sequel to “When I Think About You.” Thinking about your boyfriend while masturbating is sexy, but talking with him while masturbating is sexier. Pure, unadulterated fluff and a good dose of euphemistic smut.

Crave (R): Since last night, the want inside Blaine has taken on a life of its own. (3.05 “The First Time” reaction fic - Blaine POV.)

The Gravity That Binds Us (PG): Kurt almost didn’t sign up for astronomy. Since his freshman year at McKinley, he’s always associated the astronomy room – and hence, the entire field of science – with straight kids making out.(3.05 “The First Time” reaction fic. – Kurt POV)

Unpredictable (PG-13): Drabble/meta disguised as ficlet about Kurt’s relationship with Sue Sylvester. Kind of a reaction to 3.6.

New Directions (R): The closer Kurt and Blaine get when they’re alone, the farther apart they sit in glee club. A sexy reaction to 3.6 and 3.7.

Happy Sappy New Year (PG): Takes place in Season 3. Snapshots of New Year’s Eve over Kurt Hummel’s lifetime.

You Are the Ballon to My Grand Battement (PG-13): Kurt’s Valentine’s Days have changed over the years: 1998, 2001, 2010, 2011, 2012. (Reaction fic to 3.13 “Hearts” and 2.12 “Silly Love Songs.”)

Being Born is the Hardest Thing (PG-13): Blaine is sleeping in Kurt’s bed because, this week, no one has the energy for pretense. Omniscient POV. (Reaction fic to 3.14 “On My Way.”)

Looking For White Buffalo (PG): Burt wants to make sure that Kurt is doing things for the right reasons. (Reaction fic to 3.14 “On My Way.”)

How Hard You’re Trying (PG-13): Every year, the seniors at McKinley High School vote for Teacher of the Year. Rachel and Finn are campaigning for Mr. Schuester, but Kurt wants to make up his own mind. (Reaction fic to 3.20 , “Props” and 3.21 “Nationals.”)

Everything Changes (PG-13):The more Kurt thinks about Rachel’s yearbook message, the more he doesn’t know what to make of it. Finn does, though. (Reaction fic to 3.22 “Goodbye” and “Rachel’s Yearbook Message to Kurt Scene”.)

Slow Dissolve (PG-13): Kurt changes the summer after he graduates. No one fully understands what it means – not even Kurt. Please heed the warnings. (Reaction fic to 4.01 “The New Rachel”) reaction fic. 

Everything’s Connected, If Only You Could Feel It (PG-13): 4.03 (“Makeover”) reaction fic. Blaine takes up a new hobby in hopes of becoming closer to Kurt, despite the distance between Lima and New York. Stoner Brett turns out to be a surprisingly erudite, if flawed, mentor. Or, “The one where Blaine learns to ride a fixie.”

Freezing (PG-13): 4.04 reaction fic, Blaine POV, <500 words.

Step-By-Step (PG-13): 4.06 reaction fic. Blaine learns that it’s possible to mend a broken heart – but it takes a lot of work. Or, “the one where Blaine goes to Alateen.”

Reconnection (PG):Set after 4.10 “Glee, Actually.” Burt and Blaine visit Kurt for Christmas in New York.  UST, angst, love, connection. ~2,200 words.

Unexpected Gifts (PG-13): 4.11 missing scene fic. Tina takes Blaine home from the dance. She’s quite the gentleman even though she might rather be a rake.

Fragile Gifts (PG-13): 4.11 reaction. Blaine loves three different people in three very different ways. 

Tiny Imperfections (PG-13): 4.12 missing scene +. No teacher tells Blaine to go see Ms. Pillsbury, and his boyfriend doesn’t drag him there. But he goes to talk to her anyway, because he wants to.

Il Maestro (PG-13): 4.13 reaction fic. Tina’s obsession with Blaine is weird. Artie intervenes for the sake of the New Directions. Things get worse. (Warning: They really do get worse.)

A Ton of Twitterpation (PG-13): 4.14 reaction fic. Kurt has coffee with Adam the day after he gets back from the Lima. Kurt notices that the barista has a crush on Adam, and Adam notices … well, you’ll see. (Or, ‘Kurt hits Adam with the DUH stick, and then Adam hits him back.’)

Waking Up (R): 4.15 reaction, in my own weird way. skank!Klaine are stuck in a dream and need to figure their way out. But then they realize they kind of like being there.

The Sparrow (PG): Anniversary fic written after 4.15. Kurt and Blaine aren’t dating anymore, but they still commemorate their anniversary, each in his own way.

Something Better (PG): Kurt and Adam break up; Kurt and Blaine make up. A wedding happens, and everyone ends up happy. ~2,100 words.

Safe (PG-13): 4.18 reaction fic. Kurt finds out about the shooting at McKinley.

Extracurricular Studies (Julyberry) (NC-17): 4.21 reaction fic. Rachel has an awesome audition and is ready to celebrate. Who better to share the joy with than her new favorite mentor, Cassandra July?

The Contract (PG-13): 5.01 reaction fic. The afternoon that Kurt agrees to be his boyfriend again, Blaine writes up a no-cheating contract.  Blaine POV. ~2,100

Coming Home (NC-17): 5.01 reaction fic. Kurt’s return to New York doesn’t break the thread that binds him to Blaine. ~800 words.

Bring Us Back (PG): 5.02 reaction fic, part of which takes place in 5.03. Blaine’s senior prom reminds him of his first McKinley prom as Kurt’s guest; Kurt decides he has more in common with Tina than caring about Blaine. A story about repairing relationships. ~2,000 words

Ring, Ring (NC-17): 5.05 reaction fic. Kurt’s tongue piercing is distracting in a bazillion different ways, so he decides to take it out. When he tells Blaine about it via Skype, his fiancé is much more supportive than expected, given his love of piercings in naughty places. Turns out Blaine has some intriguing alternatives in mind. ~2,700 words.

Fic: Hearth and Home (Klaine, 5.06 reaction) (PG): 5.06 reaction fic. A follow-up to Blaine’’s conversation with Kurt about his fears over getting into NYADA. ~1,000 words.



Four Times Kurt Gets Cockblocked by Blaine’s Finals and One Time He Doesn’t (PG-13): Future!fic written in early S3. Kurt and Blaine get cockblocked by finals. Cue frustration and tension and post-finals celebrations. Absolute fluff.

Cat-alyst (PG-13): Future!fic: Blaine wants a kitten! (Look at its little paws!) Kurt is skeptical. (They pee! They scratch things!) In the end, Blaine wins.

Sewing Together (PG-13): Someone requested sewing porn, so I wrote a ficlet that goes into explicit detail about sewing and hints at bedroom activities. Get ready for bowties, cuteness and racy talk. Takes place sometime in S3. ~950 words.



Search for NC-17 above for my episode-based perversions. The ones in this section are freestanding porn.

‘Tis Better to Give Than to Receive (NC-17): Klaine PWP character study of sub!Blaine with blowjobs and 69. It’s earlyish!Klaine with Blaine being inherently subby, not an explicitly D/s scenario. ~950 words, NC-17

Tell Me Who’s Watching (NC-17): Finn walks in on Kurt and Blaine having sexytimes … and forgets to walk out.

Cover Me (NC-17): Sebastian unwittingly improves Kurt’s and Blaine’s sex life. Porn with a bit of a plot.

The Big Game (NC-17): Kurt and Blaine go back to Scandals and for some reason Kurt decides it’s a great idea to have sex in the parking lot. PWP.

Anemone (NC-17): Kurt fingers Blaine for the first time.

Babble (NC-17): In which Blaine fingers Kurt for the first time. PWP.

Spiral (NC-17): Blaine watches Kurt masturbate. PWP.

Aurora (NC-17): Kurt rims Blaine for the first time. (With special bonuses of fingering, cock-sucking, and sorta-teabagging!)  PWP.

Hard to Explain (NC-17): Future fic. Blaine’s up to something interesting. Kurt finds out what. ~2,000 words.



 Step by Step (PG-13), read by klb and reena_jenkins

Cover Me (NC-17), read by oohshinyfangirl

New Directions (R), read by firejuggler

Freezing (PG-13), read by klb

Also, here's my prompt post, wherein people request stories and I write them. Eventually. You can find some ficlets there. They contain typos and occasionally even the incorrect pronoun, but hey, at least they're stories! One day I will probably clean up and repost my favorites, but that day has yet to come.

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