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30 October 2013 @ 07:33 pm
Fic: Fidelity, Alternate Scene - Passing  

Summary: Kurt and Dave text their worries to each other during Blaine's eye surgery. Canon-parallel AU where Kurt and Blaine have become friends with Dave. Set in episode 3.11"Michael." ~1,700 words, PG.
Notes: This is from an earlier draft of Chapter 8/"Starting to See" in Fidelity. Presenting the conversation verbatim seemed to slow down the pacing. But with the word-for-word you get a little more insight into Dave's home life and some other stuff.

* * *


By Monday morning, the scratch in Blaine's eye still hasn't closed. His mother cancels her appointments for the day, calls the specialist in Cincinnati, and loads Blaine in the car for the long drive. Surgery seems inevitable. He’ll stay with his relatives and, if all goes well, he’ll be back by Valentine's Day.

He sends all this information to Dave and Kurt via group MMS, peppered with plenty of opiate-induced misspellings and smiley faces

Kurt sends his first text to Dave during third period.

Kurt: I'm freaking out. (9:27 a.m.)

Dave: The surgeon is supposed to be really good. (9:32 a.m.)
Dave: Have you heard from Blaine? (9:33 a.m.)

Kurt: Yeah. He said the same thing. But I know he's scared. I wanted to go with him, but for some reason my dad thinks I should go to school. (9:50 a.m.)

Dave: Well, if I disagreed with your dad, you'd come to his defense, and if I agreed with him, you'd ask whose side I was on, so I'm going to stay out of that mess. (10:13 a.m.)

Kurt: You know me quite well. (10:33 a.m.)

Dave: I looked it up. They say these operations are almost always successful. (11:01 a.m.)

Kurt: That's what they said about my mom, too. (11:08 a.m.)

Dave: Kurt. I'm sorry. (11:13 a.m.)

Kurt: No. I am. I'm going to stop being morose now, okay? (11:21 a.m.)
Kurt: I just really miss him. I hate that he's scared and hurting and I can't do anything about it. (11:23 a.m.)

Dave: Me too. (11: 27 a.m.)

Kurt: Is it weird that that makes me feel better? (11:37 a.m.)

Dave: I don't know. I don't think so. (11:41 a.m.)

Kurt: My dad says I should carry on like normal, but it's hard when nothing is. (12:03 p.m.)
Kurt: Plus, we're planning another dance-off with the Warblers. (12:07 p.m.)

Dave: Is that a good idea? (12:13 p.m.)

Kurt: Maybe not. But I have to do something. (1:18 p.m.)
Kurt: I miss seeing him in the hallways and at lunch and in glee. I miss talking to him when he's not strung out on painkillers. (1:19 p.m.)
Kurt:I miss studying with you guys, too. (1:20 p.m.)

Dave: Me too. (2:01 p.m.)

Kurt: Do you want to study together on Thursday? (2:01 p.m.)
Kurt: I know it's not the same. But maybe my dad's right about trying to keep some things normal? (2:03 p.m.)

Dave: Where? (2:07 p.m.)

Kurt: My house? (2:11 p.m.)

Dave: Is your dad in town and does he still want to beat me up? (2:13 p.m.)

Kurt: He can’t try to beat you up. It would be too much of a political scandal. Anyway if he did, I'd pull him off of you just like I did the last time. (2:15 p.m.)
Kurt: And I'd say nice things about you while I did it, instead of just invoking his heart condition like I did then. (2:16 p.m.)

Dave: That's nice to know. (2:21 p.m.)

Kurt: That was insensitive, wasn't it? I was trying for droll. (2:26 p.m.)
Kurt: That was terrible humor about a terrible situation that was probably terrifying for you. (2:27 p.m.)

Dave: No, it's okay. I actually don't remember much of it. I'm more scarred by what I did to get him to throw me against the wall. (2:30 p.m.)

Kurt: I know. (2:31 p.m.)
Kurt: Also, for what it’s worth: my dad is still not thrilled with you, but I think he’ll come around eventually. I mean, I think he’s slowly getting used to the idea of us hanging out. But if he makes you nervous, I totally get it and we should find somewhere else to study. (2:34 p.m.)
Kurt: Sorry for the bad attempt at humor on my part. (2:35 p.m.)

Dave: It wasn’t that bad.  ;)   (2:36 p.m.)
Dave: And I did actually laugh. I just forgot to show you. (2:38 p.m.)
Dave: :/ :) :D>< :0 <=             (2:40 p.m.)
Dave: See? That's what I looked like. (2:40 p.m.)

Kurt: OK, I get the faces, but what are the carets and stuff for? (2:58 p.m.)
Kurt: Brackets. I meant angle brackets. (3:01 p.m.)

Dave: Ha, I call them greater-thans and less-thans. (3:10 p.m.)
Dave: :D>< is flailing with laughter and :0<= is slapping my knees. (3:11 p.m.)

Kurt: OH MY GOD I SEE IT NOW. (3:14 p.m.)
Kurt: And snot just flew out of my nose. (3:14 p.m.)
Kurt: All the New Directions are looking at me. Should I forgive you for causing me to laugh in such an undignified manner? (3:15 p.m.)

Dave: Yes? (3:16 p.m.)

Kurt: Okay. You are forgiven. (3:17 p.m.)
Kurt: Leaving school now, let’s continue this conversation when I get home. (3:58 p.m.)
Kurt: So. Studying? (4:24 p.m.)

Dave: Not my place. My mom gets home early on Thursdays and doesn't like for me to have people over. (4:25 p.m.)

Kurt: Ever? (4:27 p.m.)

Dave: Um, okay, I’m kind of not telling the whole truth. Basically, she doesn’t like me to have guy friends that aren’t all-American jocks with really short hair. Bonus if they attend a megachurch. (4:41 p.m.)

Dave: Though I kind of think you’re all-American in your own way. (4:45 p.m.)
Dave: Which I mean as a compliment, but maybe it didn’t sound like one? Just that you’re very outspoken, and the First Amendment is very American. So ... (4:52 p.m.)
Dave: Anyway, she wants me to date girls who are white and blonde, preferably cheerleaders or on the dance squad. Definitely not lacrosse players. Track and field is okay if their hair is long. (4:56 p.m.)
Dave: She likes things to be a certain way. (4:58 p.m.)

Kurt: I’m *so sorry* I disappeared. Carole wanted help with some stuff. In summary: she’s short, I’m not, she finds this useful for household tasks when the giant is not at home. (5:06 p.m.)
Kurt: Your mom sounds like a challenge. (5:07 p.m.)

Dave:I guess. She basically doesn't like anything that stands out as different. (5:11 p.m.)
Dave: Like, I went through puberty early and that really freaked her out. She complained about it like I was doing it on purpose. (5:15 p.m.)

Kurt:I'm sorry. (5:16 p.m.)
Kurt: That must have been awful. (5:17 p.m.)

Dave: It was. (5:20 p.m.)
Dave: Oh. I think I just had a revelation. (5:23 p.m.)

Kurt: Yeah? (5:23 p.m.)

Dave: Where I got it from. (5:24 p.m.)
Dave: My fear of not being normal, I mean. (5:24 p.m.)
Dave: I was raised with it. (5:24 p.m.)
Dave: OK, now I feel stupid for not realizing this earlier. Wow. I should really start seeing a shrink. (5:25 p.m.)

Kurt: I saw one after my mom died. I don't remember much, except it was nice to have a grown-up to talk to because my dad was dealing with his own stuff. (5:27 p.m.)
Kurt: We drew and played with toys a lot.It's probably different for older kids. (5:28 p.m.)
Kurt: But maybe they'll let you if you ask nicely. I redecorated her Barbie Dream House. (5:28 p.m.)

Dave: I bet you did. (5:29 p.m.)

Kurt: I had no choice! The house was so gauche. I like purple sparkly things, but even I know a little goes a long way. (5:30 p.m.)
Kurt: I redid it as Danish modern meets French Gothic. (5:30 p.m.)
Kurt: Which is quite an achievement using construction paper and K'NEX. (5:31 p.m.)

Dave: I want pictures. (5:32 p.m.)

Kurt: Sorry, never thought to take pictures at my shrink's. (5:33 p.m.)

Dave: I don't know if my mom would let me go see one. A therapist, I mean. Because of the not-normal thing. (5:47 p.m.)

Kurt: Maybe your dad? (5:52 p.m.)

Dave: Maybe. (5:55 p.m.)
Dave: We haven't figured out a way to do this studying thing on Thursday, have we? Unless we break into Blaine's house. (7:11 p.m.)

Kurt: Actually … (7:11 p.m.)

Dave: I was kidding. (7:12 p.m.)

Kurt: Well, I have a key and I know the security code, so technically it wouldn't be "breaking in," but his parents don't know I have either, so. (7:14 p.m.)
Kurt:  Just talked to Blaine. He said we should totally do it. (8:07 p.m.)
Kurt: Just talked to Blaine again. Now he says that maybe we shouldn't. (9:31 p.m.)
Kurt: I guess we'll have to pass. (9:33 p.m.)
Kurt: Dave? (9:50 p.m.)

Dave: I've been passing way too long. (9: 51 p.m.)

Kurt: My pride in you for making a pun is tempered by sadness over what the pun is about. (9:53 p.m.)

Dave: Sorry. Ignore me. (9:54 p.m.)

Kurt: No, I don't think I will. Ignore you, that is. (9:55 p.m.)
Kurt: As someone who's never passed, I can certainly see the advantages. (9:58 p.m.)

Dave: I use it as a crutch. (10:00 p.m.)

Kurt: Crutches can be useful when you're not ready to walk. (10:02 p.m.)

Dave: I guess. I just get sick of hiding sometimes. But I'm afraid of not hiding, too. (10:04 p.m.)

Kurt: I know. (10:05 p.m.)
Kurt: You'll know when the time is right. (10:05 p.m.)

Dave: Are you sure the time hasn't already come, and I missed it? (10:06 p.m.)

Kurt:I don't know, Dave. But there's always another chance. (10:07 p.m.)