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Kurt Hummel's so bright I gotta wear shades

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I left this comment on a blog and then realized it would make a good bio, so: "I used to write a lot of fiction but for the most part stopped 15 years ago because it had become less about fun and more about recognition and self-worth. Yuck. It is *so fulfilling* to be writing again just to make myself happy and to make other people happy. Yes, I like getting the little notes people leave after they read my stories, but I'm not worried about a freaking agent or literary journal or publisher or critic. It's about love, not about how witty or smart or groundbreaking some random authority figure thinks I am."

Also: My first love is and always will be Kurt Hummel.

I started writing Kurt/Blaine because I had been obsessed with these boys since I don't remember when. Before I realized there was a whole world of Klaine fanfiction out there, I would just sit around daydreaming little Kurt/Blaine scenarios.

But I originally loved Glee for all its characters, with a special soft spot for Kurt. This remains true. I enjoy the show whether Kurt and Blaine are Kurt/Blaine or not, and I occasionally like to dabble in fic that does not have Kurt/Blaine as a focus and - most shocking of all! - sometimes features *neither of them.* Honestly, what has become of me?

Life is short, so I like to write my characters moving toward happy - although in episode reactions, this is not always possible.

I welcome friends - just send me a note when you friend me so I know who you are. Thanks!

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Transformative Works Policy:

No work of fanfiction is open verse unless specifically indicated. For all other fanfiction, please ask permission if you would like to write a spinoff or remix.

All of my fanfiction is available to be podficced, illustrated, vidded and translated as long as such actions are for non-commercial purposes and I am credited as the original creator. Please include a link back to my work, if the format of your transformative work allows. I also appreciate receiving notice if you are creating a transformative work based on one of my pieces.

Meta is available for all types of transformative works.

This transformative works policy was partially cribbed from judearaya, who is perfect in every way.